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The Data Protection Commission Cookie Sweep: Webinar Key Points

Background to the Cookie Sweep Cookie Sweep commenced on the 15th of August 2019  Data Protection Commission (DPC) wante...
Read More 23 September 2020

From ‘Privacy is Dead’ to ‘Privacy is Paramount’

Privacy and data protection have never been more important, and it was not long ago that the general consensus was that ...
Read More 29 June 2020

The PICNIC Problem & how HR should deal with it

While much of the attention with respect to breaches focuses on cyber security and hacking, most breaches are in fact a ...
Read More 02 December 2019

GDPR one year in - 10 enduring myths about your Data Privacy responsibilities debunked

It’s over a year since the European-wide enactment of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but many organisati...
Read More 05 July 2019

Sytorus Shortlisted for the 2018 Export Industry Awards

It has been a great year for us here at Sytorus, further investment, the opening of new offices around Europe and winnin...
Read More 31 October 2018

Quick guide: How do you notify the Supervisory Authority (SA) of a breach?

Breach notification must be reported to the SA within 72 hours ‘without undue delay’. If longer, "reasonable justificati...
Read More 13 October 2017

The penny is dropping in the financial sector, but more needs to be done to ensure GDPR compliance

Read More 07 September 2017

Healthcare sector requires a full ‘data medical’ to ensure GDPR compliance

Read More 07 September 2017

A brief article on the future of data protection

Personal data seems to be everywhere now; it is quite easy to forget just how far we have come over the past few years. ...
Read More 16 August 2016

DP Risk and Company Acquisition

When acquiring a new company it is important to very quickly get an understanding of what risk you are taking on from a ...
Read More 10 February 2016

Data Subject Rights

Data Subjects, i.e. living individuals, have many rights under the data protection acts. The table below summarises thes...
Read More 07 January 2016

Announcing the Data Protection Capability Maturity Framework

Sytorus in partnership with the Innovation Value Institute (IVI) have launched the world’s first comprehensive Data Prot...
Read More 05 November 2015