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GDPR 2nd Anniversary  - ‘much done, more to be done….’

Today marks the second anniversary of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force. With everything e...
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“Cometh the virus, cometh the App…” - Contact Tracing and the GDPR

How often these days do we hear someone say, “There’s an app for that!”. Even in these extra-ordinary times, the app dev...
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Compliance in the Time of Pandemic

  Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ 1985 novel, “Love in the Time of Cholera” tells of the doomed relationship between two lovers ...
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Brexit and Standard Contractual Clauses

Under the GDPR, aside from transfers to jurisdictions that are officially recognised by the Commission as adequate, both...
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GDPR Year in Review

The last year 2019 showed a huge increase in the number and amount of fines being issues for GDPR infringements.
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The Latest on Brexit: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

In November, our Chief Privacy Officer, Hugh Jones, took part in a RANE webinar about Brexit. Here’s a recap of the disc...
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The PICNIC Problem & how HR should deal with it

While much of the attention with respect to breaches focuses on cyber security and hacking, most breaches are in fact a ...
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GDPR Update – November 2019

As we reach a point around 18 months after the GDPR came into force across EU members states in May 2019, enforcement ac...
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Hugh Jones on Newstalk

Sytorus’ Chief Privacy Officer, Hugh Jones, spoke to Ivan Yates on Friday about the news that over 360 data breaches hav...
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The Implications of a 'No Deal' Brexit by the end of October

The implications of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit by end-October As the witching date of Hallowe’en (aka Brexit) looms ever closer,...
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GDPR one year in - 10 enduring myths about your Data Privacy responsibilities debunked

It’s over a year since the European-wide enactment of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but many organisati...
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Do I Need to Hire a Data Protection Officer to be GDPR Compliant?

It’s July 2019 and we’re well past the deadline for implementation of the GDPR, but there is still some confusion in org...
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