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GDPR one year in - 10 enduring myths about your Data Privacy responsibilities debunked

John Ghent - 05 July 2019

It’s over a year since the European-wide enactment of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but many organisations across the continent are still behind in terms of Data Privacy implementation.

GDPR is a complex piece of legislation, and organisations have struggled to fully understand their responsibilities under the law. The emergence of ‘GDPR Myths’ have conspired to sow further confusion, and added to implementation inertia.

Some of the common issues we’ve come across in a year of implementing GDPR solutions for businesses, charities and government organisations across Europe include:

  • GDPR doesn’t apply to me or my organization.
  • GDPR is all smoke and mirrors; the authorities will never impose penalties.
  • GDPR is all about cyber security, I’ve got a secure firewall so I’m covered.

The enduring myths continue to act as a barrier, preventing many organisations from completing implementation of GDPR. We created an eBook, “10 GDPR Myths Debunked,” that sets straight some of the most persistent misconceptions, to help organisations move past the myths to deliver better GDPR compliance.

It’s worth a quick read

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